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Transport Company Simulator

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∙ Load your vehicle by using loading vehicles from logistical areas.(Forklift, etc.)
∙ Deliver vehicles (cars, forklifts, wheel loaders, ATV's) by loading them on the trailer
∙ Day/night cycle. You will have to drive cautious in realistic weather conditions including Fog, Rain and Snow.
∙ GPS system: Follow GPS on the minimap or vehicle interior to reach the destination.
∙ Fuel system: Vehicles have realistic fuel consumption calculation. You will have to refuel your vehicles in gas stations.
∙ Purchase vehicles from minivans to heavy trucks and grow your logistics fleet
∙ Build your own logistics company, hire drivers and assign vehicles
∙ Traffic with realistic physics.
∙ Interactable vehicle interior dashboards for all vehicles
∙ Off-Road paths: Challenging narrow dirt roads
∙ In some levels use a ferryboat to save time and fuel.
∙ Multiplayer mode with cooperative missions
∙ Map: 24 square kilometer map where you can reach anywhere without hidden walls.
∙ Traffic Rules (optional): Speed limit(radar or police control), signal lights(blinker) on intersections, Red light control. Traffic rules can be disabled in settings

Purchase vehicles in these categories
∙ Trucks (Semi/Rigid)
∙ Vans
∙ Dropside Vans
∙ Pickups
∙ Cars

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Nintendo Switch: Early 2019
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PC/MAC (Steam): August 2019

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